Adam Gould is not your average teenager.  In fact, if you ever saw him coming, you might walk the other way.  He dresses completely in black, dyes his hair, and outlines his eyes in heavy goth makeup.  But, what you wouldn’t realize is what’s behind those shadows:  he’s hiding the bruises and trying to stand apart from the world.

Adam’s never been popular, and starting over at a new school in a whole new state is no way for this outcast to become an inspiration—unless that’s exactly how God wants to use him. Adam is trying his best to be God’s light in a dark world, especially when it comes to repairing the broken relationship with his mother or catching the attention of the tempestuous Keira Sanchez.  But nothing is perfect.  His mom is bogged down with her bad choices, and Keira is clearly hiding a dark secret.  Nevertheless, Adam won’t give up.  By pulling at the strings of the past, he scratches the surface of a seedy underbelly that is plaguing their otherwise picturesque small-town.  As Adam attempts to navigate the winding pitfalls of life, it becomes clear that his whole world is about to change.