The Mystery of the Missing Statue

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How can Nick, Brian, and Addie keep Kirby Roberts from finding Miss T? What is so important about the missing statue? When Miss T sold her artifacts from her famous movie, Spies for Sale, she thought she could still keep her previous identity a secret. But now the TV news reporters want to [...]

The Secret in the Scrapbook

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Was Amy’s father really a spy during WWII? Why doesn’t Amy want them to see what is in her scrapbook? Addie and Nick thought they had learned not to meddle in other people’s affairs, but when they meet Amy, Miss T’s live-in companion, their curiosity is peaked. Brian, Nick’s old friend, joins Addie [...]

Behind the Shadows Book 1: Goth by Kimberly Koch

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Adam Gould is not your average teenager.  In fact, if you ever saw him coming, you might walk the other way.  He dresses completely in black, dyes his hair, and outlines his eyes in heavy goth makeup.  But, what you wouldn’t realize is what’s behind those shadows:  he’s hiding the bruises and trying to stand [...]

The Stranger in the Attic

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Who is the mysterious man in Miss T’s attic? Why is Miss T so secretive about her past? Addie McCormick and Nick Brady team up together to solve the mystery of this stranger. But they discover so much more: puzzling facts about Miss T and her past. Addie has to rely on prayer [...]

Trust and Deception

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The newspapers said it was an accident. The FBI suspects it was murder. When an employee of retired NBA star Adrian Summers falls off a cliff, the situation reeks not of tragic misfortune but of intentional crime, committed by a fame-loving man who suddenly has secrets to hide. After coming embarrassingly close to [...]

Smugglers in Hong Kong

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Pirates! Smugglers! Adventure! That’s what Jack and Jenny Carlton, twelve-year old twins, hope to find as they go with their parents on a business trip to Hong Kong. Their new-found Chinese Friends, Tim and Ruth Chen, share the twins’ quest for adventure, but it seems unlikely they would meet any smugglers. But God has [...]

Mystery of the Counterfeit Money

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An envelope with $2000.00! Where did it come from? Jack and Jenny Carlton are on their way to Hong Kong again in the third Jack and Jenny Mystery. As they make plans to share Chinese New Year with their friends, Ruth and Tim Chen, Jack says, “…we don’t go looking for robbers and smugglers. [...]

Capture of the Twin Dragon

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An armored-car robbery? A hidden car in an old run-down building? Could they be involved in solving another crime? In this second Jack and Jenny Mystery, the Carltons head to Hong Kong on another family business trip. Memories of their involvement with smugglers during their last visit are still vivid in their minds, and [...]

Rescue at Cripple Creek

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The inside of the old, abandoned mine was dark and dangerous. How would they escape? In this fourth Jack and Jenny Mystery, the Carlton twins are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their friends, Ruth and Tim Chen, from Hong Kong. During the Chen’s first visit to the United States, the children share a thrilling adventure [...]

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