The Mystery of the Missing Statue

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How can Nick, Brian, and Addie keep Kirby Roberts from finding Miss T? What is so important about the missing statue? When Miss T sold her artifacts from her famous movie, Spies for Sale, she thought she could still keep her previous identity a secret. But now the TV news reporters want to [...]

The Tiger Shark Strikes Again

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The tide is coming in! How will Jack and Tim get out of the cave? In this fifth book of the Jack and Jenny Mysteries, the Carltons are back in Hong Kong visiting their friends, Tim and Ruth Chen.  An afternoon of riding bikes once again turns into an adventure for the four friends. [...]


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Adventure! Intrigue! Suspense! And, of course, Biblical truth! This sixth book in The Jack and Jenny Mystery Series finds Jack and Jenny Carlton in Macau, China with their friends Tim and Ruth Chen. Three evil men are planning the theft of a sacred gold dragon from the local temple. The plan seems foolproof, [...]

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