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God’s Hand in History Creation Through Christ Lapbook

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Curriculum that impacts your children's understanding of God! Through the Bible we see how God loves His people. He created Adam and Eve, walked with them in the Garden, allowed them to make choices even when it meant they fell into sin, and provided a way for them to be spiritually redeemed through [...]

God’s Hand in History Early Church and Middle Ages Lapbook CD

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Do you ever wonder how God is involved in the Middle Ages? Was He really a part of the persecution of so many martyrs? How could these things have glorified God? Carol Robb guides you through fun projects, games, and a museum mystery tour that examine the events and people of History from [...]

God’s Hand in History Renaissance Lapbook CD

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During the Renaissance, how did people change in their view of God and man? Who were some of the very influential people of this time? Was God sovereignly at work even when many people were attempting to make man more important than God? Using games and fun activities, Carol Robb takes you through [...]

God’s Hand in History Reformation Lapbook CD

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Learn about the reformers of the Church! Study the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland. Examine how God intervenes in people’s lives to bring about change in their hearts and in the hearts of the people around them. Carol Robb teaches you about people and events of the Reformation using games and projects [...]

The Two Trees Lapbook

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The Bible points to Jesus Christ from Genesis through Revelation.   In the Biblical Fiction, The Two Trees, Dr. Robert Wetmore weaves doctrine throughout his writing about Adam and Eve, the Fall, their struggle to overcome their sin, and the hope of the Promise of Jesus. With this fun and innovative Lapbook, the [...]

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