A Jack and Jenny Mystery Book 5: The Tiger Shark Strikes Again by Anthony Bolback


The tide is coming in!

How will Jack and Tim get out of the cave?

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In this fifth book of the Jack and Jenny Mysteries, the Carltons are back in Hong Kong visiting their friends, Tim and Ruth Chen.  An afternoon of riding bikes once again turns into an adventure for the four friends.  Finding a cave along the beach leads them to uncover an important archaeological discovery, a major drug-smuggling ring, and puts them all in danger.  The dangers they encounter give them a wonderful opportunity to put into practice the Bible verses they have memorized.

Anthony Bollback continues to thrill young readers in this next book of the Jack and Jenny Mysteries.  He completely captures his readers’ imaginations as they become enthralled with the Carltons’ and Chens’ adventures.  At the same time, he weaves into the story the children’s strong Christian faith and unwavering trust in God through trials and difficulties.

Recommended for readers aged 8 – 11

Anthony Bollback was born into a Christian home that always entertained missionaries. He received Christ at age 16 after a near-drowning incident at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Beginning his missionary career in China, he and his wife Evelyn, were forced to evacuate when the Communists took over, and two years later began serving in Japan for five years.

The remainder of his 24 years in Asia was spent in Hong Kong where he planted and directed 10 chapels and schools with 10,000 students. He served as Field Chair-man of the China-Hong Kong Field of The Christian and Missionary Alliance for four years. Unexpectedly, God changed his direction and sent him to Honolulu for a most effective ministry as pastor of Kapahulu Bible Church. He retired from active ministry after serving as District Superintendent of the Mid-America District C&MA for 9 very productive years. Following retirement to Florida, he actively began a writing career and the publishing of 12 books.

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