At the end of all flesh, God sent the Son of the Promise, a righteous man named Noah.

In the Biblical Fiction, The Two Trees, Dr. Robert Wetmore weaves doctrine throughout his writing about Adam and Eve, the Fall, their struggle to overcome their sin, and the hope of the Promise of Jesus.

With this fun and innovative Lapbook, the Bible, and The Two Trees book, Carol Robb encourages teenagers to study the Bible more closely so that they might come to know God the Creator more intimately.

The Two Trees Lapbook Projects Include:

  • A study of the First Adam and the Last Adam

  • Comparison of Cain and Abel’s lives

  • Examination of Jesus’ temptation and Eve’s temptation

  • Prophecies fulfilled through Jesus

  • Genealogy of Jesus Christ

  • Pie Book of Creation

  • “Do you agree with the author?”

  • A study on temptation and our desires

The CD includes directions and masters for each project for you to print out. Instructions, teacher helps, diagrams and pictures are provided on how to make each project and how to put the final Lapbook together. May you seek to know God better as you delve into His Word!

(The Promise Series, Book 2)

Perfect for Junior and Senior High School Students!

Robert Wetmore
Robert WetmoreAuthor
Robert Wetmore pastored Bellevue Community Church in Nebraska from 1987 to 1995. He then served as Professor of Theology at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia until 2008. Currently Dr. Wetmore is Professor of Religious Studies and Dean of the Chapel at Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan. He is married to his wife, Joyce, and they have three children and several grandchildren.