How can Nick, Brian, and Addie keep Kirby Roberts from finding Miss T?

What is so important about the missing statue?

When Miss T sold her artifacts from her famous movie, Spies for Sale, she thought she could still keep her previous identity a secret. But now the TV news reporters want to know where these valuable props came from and why one statue is missing. When Kirby Roberts, a nosy newspaper reporter, shows up to question Addie, Nick, and Brian, they are not sure how long they can keep him from finding Miss T. Nick’s newfound faith is tested when his football teammates begin to pester him about being a Christian. Addie becomes frustrated and impatient, but Brian stands by both of them, helping Nick and Addie to turn to the Lord in faith and prayer. Will Nick finally stand up to his teammates, and if he does, what will be the consequences?

(Addie McCormick Adventures, Book 3)

Leanne LucasAuthor
Leanne Lucas loves to write about the countryside in central Illinois where she grew up. As a young child, she enjoyed reading mysteries and being outdoors. She uses those memories in her stories, basing many of her characters on people she knows and loves. She now lives in Homer, Illinois with her husband Dave and continues to write fiction stories.