Was Amy’s father really a spy during WWII?

Why doesn’t Amy want them to see what is in her scrapbook?

Addie and Nick thought they had learned not to meddle in other people’s affairs, but when they meet Amy, Miss T’s live-in companion, their curiosity is peaked. Brian, Nick’s old friend, joins Addie and Nick as they seek to uncover a fifty-year old secret.

There’s just one problem . . . . after their main clue, the scrapbook, is stolen, there seems to be no way to solve the mystery. They have to depend on the Lord to help them and have faith that He will guide them.

(Addie McCormick Adventures, Book 2)

Leanne LucasAuthor
Leanne Lucas loves to write about the countryside in central Illinois where she grew up. As a young child, she enjoyed reading mysteries and being outdoors. She uses those memories in her stories, basing many of her characters on people she knows and loves. She now lives in Homer, Illinois with her husband Dave and continues to write fiction stories.