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The Bible shows us how much God loves stories. God speaks to us through the true stories of the Old Testament and the narrative of the Gospels. Jesus used parables, illustrations and metaphors to teach many concepts to his disciples and thus to us.

At Finding Christ Books, our passion is to publish books that point to Christ.  We want our readers to grow in their walk with God.

What better way than through stories?

We are excited to share with you these authors who write stories with a purpose: to share Christ in a natural and engaging way.

May you be blessed by them as we have been.

Are You an Author?

  We are always looking for more great Christian Fiction novels.  If you have a novel that you have written, please visit our Manuscript Submission pages to find out if our publishing company would be a fit for you and your novel would be a fit for us.

Interested in our Retail Store?

If you are looking for our retail store, then you want our  Finding Christ Through Fiction site:  We have Growing in Christ Books, History Curriculum, Lapbooks, Bible Studies, Marriage and Parenting Resources, and tons of wonderful fiction.  Click on the Shop FCTF Store  tab above to see what we have.

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