Our Publishing Philosophy

If you want to submit a manuscript for us to consider, please read on to know who we are, what we will consider, and what you can expect.

First of all, if you want to get on the best seller list and make a lot of money, then you probably want to go with another publisher. We are a small publishing company. We have a vision for getting great Christian fiction books into the hands of people. When we say great Christian fiction, we don’t mean books that will probably be best-sellers. We mean books that point to Christ and encourage us to consider the Lord and His role in our lives. We don’t publish romance novels or thrillers, even if they have a Christian theme. If the main point of the novel is “boy gets girl”, then we probably won’t publish it.

Here are some guidelines in what we like to publish:

Godly Fiction for adults, young adults, teens, and children which may include:
Science Fiction
Speculative Fiction
Historical Fiction

Now, if you are still reading because you might have a manuscript that fits our vision and you are okay with not being a best-seller, thenFinding Christ Christian Book Publishing read on to learn more about us.

Because Finding Christ Books is a family-owned publishing company, we do not fit into the normal publishing mode. Our books are not in bookstores across the country, we don’t have a huge staff to rush the publishing process through, and you won’t sell 5,000 books with us. Your royalties will not be super high, there will be no cash advance, and you will have to be involved in marketing your own book.

BUT you will not have to pay publishing costs; we are not a vanity press. We pay the costs, and you even receive some free books in the process. This is why your royalties will not be super high. We also will try to keep the price of your book at a reasonable price. We have talked to authors who are so excited about their royalties being so large, but then their book is priced so high that no one can afford to buy it. Better to have a small royalty on a reasonably priced book which people buy than to have a large royalty on an overpriced book that nobody buys: 40% of zero sales is still zero dollars.

Homeschool Kids and CurriculumWe are an internet business, and we travel to homeschool conventions. We see the conventions as a plus for you because your book will be showcased to thousands of people in the spring who might not see it if we only were on the internet. And although we don’t do a lot of “marketing”, we actually do “market” our books at the homeschool conventions; we do a lot of talking about our books.

At this time, our main market is homeschooling families. We sell many fiction and nonfiction books to families that trust us. We read the books that we sell, and of course, only publish books that we are truly confident will be accepted by our homeschooling families. Therefore, we are careful what we choose, not only because our audience may be conservative but we desire to be careful because the Lord tells us in His Word to guard what we put before our eyes.

So, if you like what you have just read, then check out our Statement of Faith.