Requirements for Submission

Finding Christ Books publishes full-length novels for Christian adults, teens, YA readers, and younger readers (7-12).

In order for us to publish your novel, it must meet these requirements:

  • It is a work of fiction (i.e. fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, allegory, etc).
  • It is not a Romance or horror/thriller novel or if it has a secondary love story, it is not too explicit.
  • It has no foul language and God’s name is not taken in vain.
  • It points to the Lord (God/Christ) in some way that will draw readers to the Lord.
  • It is for adult, young adult, teens or younger readers. We do not publish children’s picture story books.
  • It is a completed manuscript.

Before you submit your materials on line, please first read the Finding Christ Books Philosophy on Publishing and make sure you are comfortable with our statement of faith.

Once you are satisfied that your novel will fit our requirements, fill out the Author Proposal on line. Remember that the process for publishing a book can take 1-2 years so we would suggest that you also submit your manuscript to other publishers.