These Lapbook CD’s span the Renaissance and the Reformation time periods. They make two separate Lapbooks. They can be used as a supplement to any history curriculum. All directions, masters, and project information are ready to be printed out from the CD’s.

God’s Hand in History During the Renaissance

During the Renaissance, how did people change in their view of God and man?

Who were some of the very influential people of this time?

Was God sovereignly at work even when many people were attempting to make man more important than God?

Using games and fun activities, Carol Robb takes you through the history of events and people during the Renaissance to show God’s involvement in people’s lives and how He used it for His glory.

In this Lapbook, you will make the following projects which should take about one semester:

  • Wycliffe and Huss Game
  • Art & the Renaissance
  • Johann Gutenberg and the Printing Press
  • Explorers’ Travels
  • Explorers Sliding Puzzle Game
  • Double Trouble Game

God’s Hand in History During the Reformation

Learn about the reformers of the Church!

Study the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland.

Examine how God intervenes in people’s lives to bring about change in their hearts and in the hearts of the people around them.

Carol Robb teaches you about people and events of the Reformation using games and projects that will become a fabulous Lapbook to be used over and over again. In this Lapbook you will make the following projects which should take about one semester:

  • Timeline for the Reformation
  • Jeopardy-style Game on the Kings and Queens
  • Famous People of the Reformation Game
  • Martin Luther’s 95 Theses Game
  • God Works Through People to Bring About Change


Reading a great book. What could be better!Carol Robb is first a daughter of Christ, second the wife of a wonderful husband and third a mom to three great children. She has homeschooled all three of her children, and yes, her oldest child made it through college and is now a successful young woman who owns her own business. Carol loves to minister to others through teaching Bible studies to women, leading a homeschool co-op, and encouraging moms to shine Christ’s love and joy to their families in the midst of the difficulties of life.

Carol and her husband, Tom, also own Finding Christ Books, a publishing company with a passion to publish great Christian Fiction and Finding Christ Through Fiction, a retail on-line store. She has written two Lapbook series called, “The Promise Series Bible Studies” and “God’s Hand in History” and is presently co-writing Make-Ahead Meals Cookbook with a friend.