The newspapers said it was an accident.

The FBI suspects it was murder.

When an employee of retired NBA star Adrian Summers falls off a cliff, the situation reeks not of tragic misfortune but of intentional crime, committed by a fame-loving man who suddenly has secrets to hide. After coming embarrassingly close to bankruptcy, Adrian is found with money again—and lots of it—but isn’t saying a word about where it comes from.

FBI Special Agent Sean Rayden arrives in Los Angeles undercover as Adrian’s new bodyguard. Competent, Christian, and supposedly single, he quickly attracts the attention of young Rachel MacIsaac and the hostility of rival Anthony Mitchell. Tension doesn’t take long to develop as Sean discreetly seeks the truth of Adrian’s mysterious business. What he uncovers forces his family and him to rely more than ever on their trust in God as they are pulled into a criminal world of deception, revenge, and ultimate danger.

Melissa Troutman
Melissa TroutmanAuthor
Melissa J. Troutman grew up in a pastor’s home in New Jersey and received God’s free gift of salvation at an early age. Homeschooled from the beginning, she quickly developed a love for both reading and writing, especially fiction. God has given her a burden to write for those who, like her, are disappointed by the lack of quality Christian fiction available. While she has always had a fascination with law enforcement and the FBI, she doesn’t plan to pursue either as a career but rather feels led to pursue a college education in music. She is finishing high school and loves to play piano, run, read, learn about God, and–of course–write.